Real Estate and Investing

Mortgage Financing for your Florida home – When buying a home in Florida you have the option to use your existing Canadian equity and work with a Canadian lender or obtain a mortgage from a U.S. bank or lender.  We can inform you of the differences between US and Canadian mortgage financing.  Take advantage of our extensive network of lenders to secure the best interest rate and have all your questions answered!

Investment strategies – Where is your money coming from? The origin of your money can become a large tax burden if you are not careful. SFC will work with you and your financial advisor to ensure you are strategically placed in the best situation.


Real Estate Advice – We can review your real estate options with you and discuss your key interests and your budget.   Our goal is to prepare you on what to expect during and after the purchase of a property south of the border.


Immigration Matters

Border Regulations –   Canadians can vacation in Florida up to six months.    If you have  a unique situation we can help you with entry requirements and documentation that must be on hand and ready to provide if requested.

Residency Regulations – Visa requirements can be confusing. SFC will provide information on the difference between each visa, the length of stay each visa will allow, and how to calculate your length of stay.   Your length of stay has implication and overstaying can have consequences.  In addition, U.S Customs and Border Protection calculates your stay different from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

Canadian and United States Tax – The countries do have a tax treaty, however, if you are not prepared or well advised you will pay unnecessarily. We will help you take into consideration factors such as; Is the home going to be a rental or vacation property or both? Will you be working out of your vacation property?  Are you putting the property in your name or is there a better way?   We will then construct the best way to set up your purchase. This way you pay the reasonable amount in mortgage interest and capital gains. Finally, if required, we will discuss the proper tax forms you will need to fill out for the IRS.

US currency strategies – Exchanging your money in the right place can save you thousands. The big banks make top dollar on your money when exchanged. There are better and cheaper options available.

Legal and Accounting – Snowbird Financial Consulting will provide you with basic guidance on legal and accounting. However, it is always recommended you speak to a professional lawyer or accountant regarding your situation. If appropriate clients will be referred to a professional within our network.


The Membership Plan

Membership Become a member and get the information you need, save yourself hours of research and avoid costly mistakes.  With a five year membership with SFC, clients receive up to five hours of consulting for the first year. Every year after, clients have the option to continue to receive advice about all the categories listed above from a dedicated agent. The initial consultation provides clients with information that requires immediate attention and an annual review ensures our clients are on track to continue enjoying life as a Canadian Snowbird.

Each client will also receive quarterly newsletters providing updates on changes that will impact them.

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All consulting services may be in person, online or via phone for your convenience. 


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