Real Estate and Investing

How to get a mortgage in Florida

Let us help you learn how to  get a mortgage in Florida. When you buy a home in Florida you can use your existing Canadian equity and work with a Canadian lender.  You may also be able to get a mortgage from a U.S. bank or lender.  We inform you of the differences between US and Canadian mortgage financing  what the best option for you is.  Take advantage of our extensive network of lenders to secure the best interest rate.

Investment Strategies

Where is your money coming from? The answer to this question determines how much you get taxed. SFC works with you and your financial advisor to ensure you are strategically placed in the best situation.


Real Estate Advice

We review your real estate options with you and discuss your goals and your budget.   With that information in mind, we prepare you on what to expect during and after the purchase of a property.  The Florida real estate market is very competitive right now.  If the buyer is not familiar with the markets and values they could end up overpaying for their property.  Alternatively, you can loose that perfect home. We can advise you on property value fluctuations and the level of risk that makes sense for you.


Immigration Matters

Border Rules

Learning how to get a mortgage in Florida is not the only thing to consider. When you own property in Florida and/or spend a lot of time there your residency may come into question at the border. Being admitted into the United States is always at the discretion of  U.S. Customs and Border Protection.  If you have  a unique situation we will help you with entry requirements and documentation that must be on hand and ready to provide if requested.

Residency Rules

Visa requirements are confusing. Your length of stay has implication and overstaying can have consequences.  SFC provides information on the differences between each visa, the length of stay each visa will allow Canadians, and how to calculate your length of stay.  In addition, U.S Customs and Border Protection calculates your stay different from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

Canadian and United States Tax

Canada and the United States have a tax treaty. However, if you are not prepared or well advised you will pay more than you need to. We can help with the proper tax forms you will need to fill out for the IRS.  Beyond that, we will help you consider factors such as; Is the home going to be a rental or vacation property or both? Will you be working out of your vacation property?  Does it make sense to put the property in you name? We will then tell you the best way to set up your purchase. This way you pay the reasonable amount in mortgage interest and capital gains. 

US currency strategies

You will save thousands by choosing the right time and location to exchange your money. The big banks make top dollar on your money when exchanged. There are better and cheaper options available.

Legal and Accounting

Snowbird Financial Consulting provides you with basic guidance on legal and accounting topics. If appropriate, we will refer our clients to a professional within our network.  We have a network of experienced cross border tax accountants and lawyers to assist you.



All consulting services may be in person, online or via phone for your convenience. 


Our company is dedicated to save clients thousands in costly mistakes. Contact us today for more information or start an application Here.

Snowbird Financial Consulting (SFC) is a consulting firm that specializes in real estate, investment, and immigration strategies with affluent Canadians looking to purchase property south of the border.

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